Andres Boulton, Composer

Andres Boulton started like many other young musicians of his time. A self-taught guitar player, he was a teenage lead guitarist in his high school band in Caracas, Venezuela.  The highlight of this period was the “Rock y Lápices” (Rock and Pencils) festival, where this 17-year-old played to a sold-out crowd of 10,000 people. This band, Z4, would later become one of the most sought-after musical groups in the Caracas club scene.

Andres decided to get serious about his music education and in the 90’s took harmony and piano classes with Gerry Weil, a local legend with 40 years of experience. His apprenticeship lasted three years.

After receiving his degree in Advertising from IUNP College in Caracas, Andres pursued his dream of becoming a music producer and composer. He founded Amasonica studios with two fellow musicians/engineers and became studio manager. Between 1999 and 2001 Andres worked mostly for advertising companies, on spots for clients such as Brahma, McDonald’s, Telcel Bell South, Kellogg’s and Sanrio. He also served engineering and production duties on albums: “Lunes” by Iguanas de Trapo, and the platinum-selling “Miss Mujerzuela” by Caramelos de Cianuro.

From 2001 to 2003, Andres worked as a free-lance composer, mostly for advertising companies. During this time, his music was featured on local prime time television, as well as radio, in spots for Brahma X, Kosiuko, Parmalat, Kraft, L-Oreal, among others. He was hired in 2003 for the launching of “Max Prime”, a new cable channel part of the HBO Olé group.

In 2003 Andres moved to Los Angeles to pursue an even bigger dream: to become a successful film and television composer. To further his knowledge of music and technology, as well as orchestration, he enrolled at UCLA Extension in the Film Scoring Program.

After completing the Program in just 15 months (no small feat) he was immediately hired to compose music for an independent feature-length film, “Crosshairs” (still in Post Production). During this period, summer of 2004, he also contributed additional music for the prime time television shows “The Benefactor” and “The WB’s Superstar USA”. But this was only the beginning…

His MIDI and technology music skills helped him land a gig as a MIDI orchestrator for the animated film “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie”. Later that summer, he was called to orchestrate the symphonic arrangements for the band Air*, who would perform at the Hollywood Bowl with the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra.  The concert, with the L.A. Phil conducted by Roger Neill, sold-out at 17,500 seats, was hugely successful and praised by the Hollywood media.

Later in 2004, Andres met with director Amaro Shake, who was in need of a composer for his short film “The Fallen”. With only eight days to compose the score, Andres worked day and night and delivered a powerful electronic score. The music helped the impact of the film, which was crucial in Shake’s landing a deal with Lions Gate Films to direct a feature-length picture. Of course, Andres will be on-board as the composer.

In early, 2005, Andres was as busy as ever, scoring another short film, “Behind Tango”. Andres, who had never written tango music before, composed a touching score, recorded with live musicians and conducted by Andres himself. The bandoneon, crucial to the tango sound, was played by Alejandro Escarpino.

Recently, in the summer of 2005, Andres was called to work on a film again. This time he would work for producer and composer Frank Fitzpatrick, recording tracks and preparing scores and parts for Disney’s “The Proud Family”.


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